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Gophr will have 50 of its carriers carry out the good news. Nobody knows how long this project will last but the results are hopefully going to become a good one. It won’t be definite how long the couriers will do this too as they will likely be assigned to one area as they might get tired if they go to numerous areas. This will likely be on trial for a week unless they plan to do it every day of the week in order to get the updated air pollution for each area but that would seem unlikely. A better estimate would be every two days so they would not be doing the same thing every single day of the week. Of course, since they are average employees then they are expected to get weekends off.


Immarsat developed long range trackers so the couriers know where they are and they would not get lost. They would end up wasting a lot of time if they end up getting lost in London since it is a pretty big city even if there are apps that would direct you where you are exactly. It is still better to make sure so that you won’t have a problem during the entire process of putting the levels of air pollution on the map. The couriers have an easy job thanks to Drayson Technology and its Freevolt Technology creating air pollution sensors that have never been seen before. In fact, some people thought we would never see something like that ever again. Drayson Technologies now proclaims the amount of air pollution inside and outside collected has never been achieved previously so this is going to be a first in the world of technology.