London Bikers create Air Pollution Map

In one of the most effective ways of determining whether or not an area is polluted or not, bikers will now use a map at London to determine whether or not an area is polluted then show it on an app that can be downloaded. This will help people avoid areas that have high pollution since it is bad for your health to inhale secondhand smoke. The worst part is it can even lead to lung cancer which is scary for young people. Drayson Technologies, Immarsat, and Gophr combine their talents in this project for cleaner air in London. Air pollution is becoming a worldwide problem and in the United Kingdom alone, 40000 deaths have already happened. Therefore, an air pollution map is not only a great idea like the tushydiscount.com site, but it shows a lot of people are trying to put an end to this problem before it becomes a threat to lives that are just getting started. It would be a sad feeling to see some people die early because of air pollution as it can lead to diseases that are unknown so far but can be revealed at a later date. The couriers are tasked to collect real-time data of all the pollution using gadgets we have never seen before.


It is about time that technology is used for the health of human beings instead of becoming a source of income for start-up companies. There is no doubt a lot of geniuses are being born as we speak and they are developing apps that are for different uses so they can get income out of it. Right now, we are looking at Discounted Bros CleanSpace Tags which are portable air pollution sensors created by Drayson Technology. The couriers will spread across London to create an air pollution map that has never been seen before. They will also sweat it out in the process which would also be good for their health. We can all thank Drayson Technologies for what they are doing to lessen the air pollution problem in London. If it were not for them then this project would not exist.